The peaceful invasion of the dinosaurs
from 01/03/12 to 02/09/12
In the exhibition we can see animals whose appearance is the result of the most modern and accurate anatomical and ecological research combined with the unmatched skills of the greatest internationally renowned Italian artists of the field.
The largest animals, including some well-known characters of fantasies that not only children share like Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus and Gallimimus, are presented in a surrounding that resembles their original vegetation in one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens. They are represented in scale 1:1.
Others, like the Glyptodone Thylacinus find their place among the skeletons of fossils in the great national paleontological collection which is also an important monument of Florence’s role in the history of science.The visit of the exhibition, an outstanding event already by itself, is accompanied with activities for children who are the biggest dinosaur lovers. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays the little ones can participate on excavation workshops, on drawing activities and  model with clay.

Dinosaurs in flesh and bone

Museum of Natural History – sections Botanical Garden and Paleontology

From 1 March to 2 September

Ticket €10, reduced € 8, family € 22 (two adults + two children under 18 years)

Opening hours: 9:00-19:00 from 1 March to 31 May; 10:00 – 19:00 from 1 June to 2 September

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