Exhibition at the Museo degli Argenti
from 16/07/13 to 03/11/13
The exhibition, consisting of over one hundred and fifty pieces both from the Florentine collection and from leading foreign museums, along with other ivories from private collections never before shown in public, will be writing a new and spectacular chapter in art history, a chapter never yet studied in any depth – especially not in its "international" aspect which was such a unique feature of the Medici collections.

The exhibition is broken down into several sections tracing the art of ivory carving from the 15th century, when it caught Lorenzo the Magnificent's eye, through the High Renaissance and later, right up to the explosion of the Baroque with works by the most celebrated Flemish and German artists of the era, from Leonhard Kern to François Duquesnoy and from Georg Petel to Balthasar Permoser.

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