Events in Florence
Festivals and events in Florence

19/04/13 - 31/03/14
The Amazing shoemaker
The form of stories and films for children and adults, fairy tales are invading our imagination. As if now, more than ever, there was the need to ...

27/09/13 - 19/01/14
The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East
In September, 2013, the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, will host The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East. It's the first international exhibition to examine the fundamental importance of ...

11/10/13 - 19/01/14
Unstable Territory
Unstable Territory. Borders and identity in contemporary art, curated by Walter Guadagnini and Franziska Nori, showcases work by international artists which ...

10/10/13 - 06/01/14
Mattia Corvino and Firenze, Art and Humanism at the Court of the King of Hungary
This, in turn, triggered the idea of organising an exhibition in Florence in 2013, marking Hungarian culture year in Italy, to develop the theme of the priority relationship that King Matthias Corvinus ...

06/09/13 - 31/12/13
Renaissance from Paris to Florence
The origin of this exhibition at Villa Bardini is the story of a famous antique dealer, Stefano Bardini, the wealthy and cultured French collectors Edouard André and his wife Nélie Jacquemart ...

18/10/13 - 21/12/13
Pop rock music in Florence
In the coming months the city of Florence will host some Pop and rock

14/05/13 - 08/12/13
From the Fleur de Lys to the David
Adopting a totally new approach to the topic, Civic Art in Florence from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance focuses on works of art from the communal and republican eras.

27/05/13 - 07/12/13
An exhibition on Herbert P. Horne
Herbert Percy Horne, Englishman in love with Florence, chose to make his home there and gave his name to one of the most interesting museums in the city.

20/06/13 - 17/11/13
Exhibition dedicated to the bicycle
The history of the bicycle abounds in surprises. The exhibition, divided into two sections, shows some of the most significant stages in the development of two-wheeled vehicles.

29/03/13 - 03/11/13
Samurai! Japanese armors of the Stibbert Collection
On display seventy masterpieces from the Japanese Collection of Frederick Stibbert. The exhibition leads the visitor into the exotic world of the samurai.

16/07/13 - 03/11/13
Exhibition at the Museo degli Argenti
The exhibition, consisting of over one hundred and fifty pieces both from the Florentine collection and from leading foreign museums, along with ...