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Gastronomy in Florence

  • 16 february 2017

The city of Florence is also famous for its excellent cuisine, which is based on simple ingredients, usually due to local production. Food rich in tradition, that of Florence is based on four basic ingredients: Tuscan bread, extra-virgin olive oil, meat and wine. Among the products and typical dishes of Florence we recommend you try: Ribollita, a simple dish of traditional Tuscan countryside which consists of a bread soup with beans made with a variety of vegetables; Pappardelle with hare, one of the most known and appreciated dishes of Tuscan cooking tradition; the famous Florentine steak, great classic Florentine cuisine; the sandwich with the lampredotto, a typical "street food" Florentine ancient origins which consists of a sandwich filled with one of the parts of the stomach of cattle, precisely the lamprey; and Crushed Florentine, a very soft, sweet and tasty typical of the Carnival period.

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